Once you have been published with us, you continue to benefit! Creators who are published with have the ability to be featured as Guest Bloggers on our blog, writing about their work and their process. For those who have self-published pieces, they have can be featured in our new Catalog Ads.

Base Membership

As a creator published with us, you will gain one complimentary year of our base membership, giving you access to additional content. If you support our mission or want access to additional perks, renew your membership at the end of the year or upgrade to one of the higher levels!

Guest Bloggers

We’ve published your work, now is your chance to talk about the piece with our followers! Write a blog post about the piece, your process, or you struggles in creating it and send it to us for review and posting. For more information, check out our page on Guest Bloggers.

Author Ads

Do you have self-published works you are trying to promote? In an attempt to build community and help our creators, we have created a special ad section in our issues. For a special rate, we will include information about your works and and how to purchase them. For more information, check out our Author Ads section