By Brad Garber


Just a piece of sharp cheddar cheese, a chunk of leftover roast with a dash of salt, a slab of dark chocolate, a glimpse at a setting full moon, a bowl of popcorn laced with butter, watering the orchid, taking photos of cranes, lobster in Cajun sauce, holding the granddaughter, summer sun on naked skin, a cat in the lap, a glass of bourbon on ice, watching people walking by, the Milky Way in the desert, a defensive rattlesnake, finding a mushroom under forest duff, my companion asleep on the couch, music in the apartment, oxalis arching toward the window, long-time friends who go camping with you after twenty-five years, oyster shooters in home-town bars, barking sea lions, creamy yogurt from Greece, a coyote standing in a field, dozing dreams on Saturday mornings, how the heart beats, green fried tomatoes, kissing the daughter, the correct belt notch, the correct toothpaste, duck pate’ and truffle brie on crackers, smoked almonds, fresh-steamed mussels pulled off the rocks at low tide, catching lizards, floating in winter hot springs, eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon, a soft bed, eating oven-fresh bread, cooking for family and friends, writing a good poem, time on stage, watching milkweed plants erupt from the soil, warm socks, vanilla, laughter, drilling the perfect billiards shot, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, a 40-foot putt, violent thunderstorms, reading the words I love you, running through a forest, catching a fish on the first cast, picking blueberries, another glass of bourbon on ice, deep-fried squid, deviled eggs with green olives, swimming with turtles, standing on a mountain top, drinking glacial spring water, climbing into a tent, a ring around the moon, sliding down a scree slope, nude body surfing, holding hands, spotting whales, holding my wife in morning light.

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