Look at my face, what do you see?

What you see is the first division,

The first separation between you and me.

Yes, I know it’s an unconscious decision,

a form of derision made in haste,

cultured by the waste society has fed us

to form the framework of our dreams and fantasy,

to show us how rosy and normal our lives should be

by feeding the fallacy of us leading one life in unity,

of superiority, of white and black terms,

good is good, bad is bad, of duality of decision.

We are taught that our way is the right way

and so must be good:

we learn to infer about the other position

assuming their vision is in opposition,

and that only one can reach fruition.

Only one can be right so all others are wrong

and that way is their way,

the way of the one, the few, the powerful.

 The way of the strong.

A way of greed and gain,

of success by taking

raking over the old rather than making something new.

They harken to a glorious past that never existed

Twisted in hindsight with distrust, paranoia,

and their own loathsome world view.

They are not idiots, morons, and nuts,

but tactfully malevolent while stoking distrust.

Fat-cat men in fat-cat buildings

making demands they say THEY are due.

Drawing dividing lines

and redefining lies

to infiltrate our subconscious and

turn our focus toward superfluous disagreements

stirring conflict with irrational arguments

igniting false fears between us.

Creed, Sex, Color, Gender, Religion,

all matters not.

We all desire the same thing: Happiness,

to feel secure in our lives and own environments,

living day by day and arm in arm.

Is it so hard to see difference just as different

and not as a threat or something that’s wrong?

Yet this is the curse we live under.

A curse of opinion over fact and derision over decision

as we listen to lies told by these self-righteous muck-clinging flies

based on supposition and superstition, on falsehoods and omissions.

But we can be better if we choose to be,

to analyze, criticize, and question motivation

of those at the head of corporations,

those who have done nothing other than supposed representation.

We can choose to rise above the muck and let differences lay,

to see what could be if we live with respect and honor.

My brother. My sister. My friend.

Let us just live.