Inktober Article 4: Continuing Art Challenges

Did you enjoy Inktober?

With Inktober coming to a close, what’s an artist to do to stay inspired and get their work out into the public eye? Art challenges that invite artists from around the world to participate by posting their artwork in public forums are becoming more and more popular.

Despite October coming to a close, Junto Magazine will always receive your artistic creations as submissions at

However, if you enjoyed this challenge why not try these other art events and challenges!

The Sketchbook Project-        

Join other artists in helping to create what the Brooklyn Art Library is calling the “world’s largest collection of sketchbooks!” For a small fee, the Brooklyn Art Library will send you a sketchbook that you can fill up and send back to them to become part of an art exhibit that will be traveling across the nation. A variety of themes are provided for inspiration and, for an extra fee, your sketchbook can even be digitized for addition into an online database. The deadline to sign up is January 5th, 2018 so check out for more information.


This ongoing Instagram cartooning challenge asks artists to create a character in their own style and then reimagine that same character in a variety of styles from other popular cartoonists. The results are impressive, so be sure to check these out and try one for yourself!


DoodleWash is an online community of watercolor artists that provides prompts and challenges each month. They maintain an online gallery of watercolor art submissions from all over the world. The community welcomes all skill levels and even provides a manifesto of DoodleWash “Do’s” to set the tone of the group. This active watercolor community can be found at

Artist Trading Cards-

Artist trading cards, or ATCs, are miniature works of art that can be traded with other artists in person or by mail. The history of ATCs are uncertain, but it is thought that they were once used as a sort of business card for working artists. Today, ATCs can be used in a similar way, with artists providing their information on the back of miniature, original works of art that are traded with other artists. ATC meet-ups can be found online, and is a popular site for trading them through the mail.

These are just a few of the many art challenges and events in which artists should consider participating. In your pursuit of art challenges, contest, and events, keep an eye on your local museums, art supply companies, and social media. There are myriad art challenges on Instagram and Facebook going on all of the time. Many art challenges were started or popularized by artists through social media. If you don’t see one you like, try gaining a following for one of your own.

– Avery Gomez (Art editor)