Publishers/Service Providers

Junto Magazine is now accepting advertisements from publishers and service providers. If you would like us to run advertisements promoting your back list or new releases, or if you provide services/products that you feel would be beneficial to our readership, please download our Media Kit for more information and email to place an ad reservation.

Q2 MediaKit

Upcoming Issues

September Reservation Due 8/17 Final Materials due 9/1 Publication date 9/21
December Reservation Due 11/16 Final Materials due 12/1 Publication date 12/21

Website Rates (per month)

  • Box ($25)
  • Side Banner ($50)


Print/Digital Rates (per issue)

  • Inside cover ($100)
  • Full page interior ($50)
  • Half page ($25)

Ads by Junto

Are you interested in running advertisements in either our magazine or on our website but don’t have a file? Do you only have ad copy? If you provide us with ad copy and a general idea, our Marketing team will work with you to create an ad for use in our issues or on our website. Add a 30% charge to the initial cost for each ad we are working on, before the price drops back down. Discounts for multiple ads still apply.

example: A publisher would like to run an ad for their backlist in an interior page slot for three issues. Due to personnel restrictions, they need Junto to create the ad using the publisher’s copy. This would be $165 total ($65/$50/$50) before the discount for multiple issues was applied.