Submissions Guidelines

As part of your submission, Junto Magazine requires the following files regardless of the content type submitted. This is to ensure efficiency as the bio and photos will be featured in out "Contributors" spread as well as the author's personal page. They include:

  • A short bio of your experiences (under 100 words)
  • A headshot or original graphic (300 dpi) to represent the creator
  • The piece submitted

In addition, there are submission format guidelines depending on the category your submission falls under (Literature or Art). Please make sure the specific categories qualifications for your content are followed or your piece will be rejected and will need to be submitted correctly.


Questions? Contact us at


For submissions in both Poetry and Prose categories, please make sure that your document meets the following formatting specifications:

  • 5000 words or fewer
  • 10-11 pt. serif font (preferably Times New Roman) 1.5 spacing, 1-inch margins
  • .doc, .docx, .txt format


For submissions in the Art category, please make sure your file meets the  following specifications:

  • 300 pixels/inch minimum
  • .psd, .jpg, .png format
  • If there are people featured in the work, a signed model release must be provided

Editing Guidelines

While we make every effort to respond in a timely manner, you may go for a while without hearing back from us. We assure you that it is not our of negligence; instead, it is due to our promise that every piece has a thorough and quality evaluation and opportunity for the necessary editing and revising. We ask your patience as we move through pieces.

With such a high number of pieces, and a limited number of staff, we ask that once you are contacted regarding your piece you respond and communicate in a timely manner. We do our best to respond to emails, generally, within a two to three day period. If, for whatever reason, you do not contact the assigned editor within a week of acceptance the status of your piece will be reversed to "declined." If, after this step, you decide to work the piece again it will have to be resubmitted and will be added to the back of the queue. There is no guarantee of future publication.

Please realize this is not meant to rush you through edits - instead, it's to honor the time of both our backlogged submitters and editorial staff alike.

To avoid such issues, be sure to check in all folders - Spam included!

Prior Publication Policy

For licensing purposes, all submissions must be unpublished by a third party prior to submission to Junto Magazine. This enables us to guarantee that the work is original and that the right to license it to Junto Magazine currently resides with the submitter. In addition, we request that any piece submitted to Junto Magazine not be made available through personal websites, blogs, or channels prior to publication. Once a piece is published in the issue, the submitter is welcome to post it on their own sites but we ask that a line be added directing viewers to the copy published in the magazine. This allows both submitter and Junto Magazine to benefit from increased visibility.