Are you interested in working with Junto Magazine as one of our team? See below for opportunities!


Genre Editor, Art

  • Work with other art editors to develop and revise, as necessary, grading criteria for submissions; such revisions are to be approved by Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief.
  • Work alongside other art editors to evaluate the suitability of submissions for publication.
  • As needed, contribute to magazine content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, interviews, and articles.
  • Contribute to the selection of subjects to be interviewed and articles to write about by proposing additional interesting and relevant topics.
  • Review magazine files before publication to ensure accuracy of names, version control, and as a last copyright check
  • Act as an advocate for Junto Magazine, sharing our message on social media, art sites, and with colleagues.

Regular Submission Duties

  • Review submissions as they are assigned compared to established guidelines and criteria.
  • Write a brief review and evaluation, to be sent to the submitter; then attach files and execute first correspondence with submitter via Submittable.
  • If accepted, work with creator to edit and/or revise, or offer suggestions, on how to create necessary improvements on the quality of content.


Additional tasks as required.


Interested applicants should send their resume to