In many instances, when you submit your work to other organizations you are not always guaranteed a response. Whether it is a magazine, an art show, a film festival, or a record label, you may find yourself waiting for months with no end in sight. Even if you are lucky enough to get a response, all too often it's a "Thanks, but no thanks."

We don't believe in that. We believe that collaboration is the best way to grow and improve, and it is the job of the established to help those who want to learn. Every piece that is submitted to us gets reviewed, and every creator gets a response. Further than that, every creator whether they were accepted for publication or not receives a copy of their evaluation and we make sure that it is robust and helpful, especially for those who didn't make the cut that time around. Of course, you are welcome to disagree with some of our suggested comments about areas you can improve on, but nothing we do is out of malice. It is done solely with the intent of helping you become the best you can be.

All of our editors are volunteers, and they have to get through the pieces in the order that they come, so you may be waiting a while. You may go months without hearing from us. But I promise you, it is only because we have not gotten to you yet. As long as you don't withdraw your piece, (which you are allowed to do until it is assigned to someone and we start reviewing it) your voice will be heard.

Does this sound like something you want to be part of? Go check out our guidelines and our policies, then submit your piece to us. We look forward to working with you.